Juan Carlos Valencia

isfree (at) gmail

Self-motivated engineer and manager capable of starting large projects from scratch and scaling them across their lifecycle. Particularly interested in finding eloquent solutions to complex problems.


UC Berkeley | BS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | 2002
Emphases: Solid State Design, Graphical User Interfaces, Physics

Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary | M.Div | 2011
Emphases: Ancient Greek and Hebrew, History, Theology, Philosophy, Ethics, Homiletics


Principal Software Engineer | ShareThis | 2011-Present
	Develop and design software libraries and frameworks for use in distributed web applications
	Design and implement the ShareThis real-time and batch analytics pipelines
	Research new technologies and methodologies to maximize (optimize) ShareThis systems
	Understand a broad base of technologies to advise and guide development teams
	Design and implement widgets which are used across 2 million websites

Adjunct Faculty-Physics | Gordon College | 2008-2010
	Teach 3-4 physics lab sections each semester.
	Maintain lab equipment, including necessary testing and minor repairs.
	Revise curriculum on an ongoing basis and help students understand physics principles.

Software Systems Engineer | Symmetricom | 2010
	Design and Implement an embedded Linux System that can run internal company software, Apache web server, and custom hardware drivers
	Design web-based python tools to boost collaboration
	Manage intranet using SharePoint and MediaWiki, including development of MediaWiki Extensions in PHP/mySQL
	Review and Recommend various tools for use within the engineering department, including training and the development of "buy-in" such as Joomla or Drupal

Compassionate Products Coordinator | Here's Life Inner City | 2003-2008
	Develop and maintain the technical office infrastructure and web presence using technologies that include but are not limited to: custom internal Web CMS, SharePoint, Drupal, MS Access, and TntMPD.
	Train volunteers/pastors on how to do outreach, volunteer development, church partnerships, and developmental programs. 
	Raise funds (~$80,000/yr) and oversee the acquisition of products (i.e. 20,000 lbs of food for Thanksgiving) as well as the logistics of distribution
	Mentor college students

User Interface Research Assistant | UC Berkeley | 2000
	Worked on DENIM, an informal software tool for early stage web site and UI design using JAVA

SAT / SAT II Instructor | IvyWest | 1997-2000
	Tutored students both individually and in a class setting on how to take the Math portion of the SAT and the Physics or Math portions of the SAT II's (now known as SAT Subject tests).
	Handled company-parent relations.

Skills and Hobbies

Computer Technology:
	HTML, CSS, JS, and related frameworks
	Java, C, C++, C#
	Hadoop, Cassandra, Map-reduce, LAMP 
	Python, Bash
	Git, Hudson, Mercurial, svn, cvs,  Agile
	Open Source: Beggar, Notitia, MediaWiki
	English (fluent)
	Spanish (mostly fluent)
	Ancient  and Koine Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic (readable)
	Latin, Portuguese, Italian, and French (mostly readable)
	Japanese (elementary)
	Digital Art
	Coding and Playing Video Games
	Music - Singing/Trombone/Brass/Guitar/Bass/Percussion